Annotated Twitter List

  • TV Land (@tvland): TV Land is a television network with classic TV and new television series.
  • Yahoo TV (@YahooTV): Yahoo TV is a guide to TV news.
  • Silver Age TV (@SilverAgeTV): Silver Age TV is a twitter account dedicated to television classics in the 1950’s to 1980’s.
  • Amanda Steinmetz (@amstein90): Amanda Steinmertz’s twitter account consists of reviews and opinions of various television shows and has recently started a blog going more in depth.
  • Mr. TV(@MrTVFanatic): Mr.TV tweets about shows and his ratings and opinions for specific episodes.
  • Classic TV Database (@classictvdb): Classic TV Database tweets about TV shows in the past in remembrance of classic television shows. It links to it’s own website for more in depth information.
  • Maggie Furlong (@MaggieFurlong): Magie Furlong is an editor at Yahoo TV. She blogs and critiques on pop culture television shows.

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