Attention Journal 1

[Hour One]

12:30 pm- Flipping through TV channels

12:34 pm- Scrolling through Facebook

12:37 pm- Scrolling through Instagram

12:40 pm- Back to Facebook

12:41 pm- Playing Words with Friends

12:46 pm- Check/ Delete e-mail messages

12:48 pm- Go to Amazon and check the status of my order

12:50 pm-Back on Instagram

12:52 pm- Watch a little bit of Family Feud

12:55 pm- Playing Candy Crush

1:07 pm- Playing 8 Ball Pool online

1:12 pm- Turn TV off

1:12 pm- Go to Pandora

1:13 pm- Check my bank account

1:17 pm- Listening to Pandora

1:30 pm- Go to the library


When recording my free time online I notice I go back and forth different accounts. While interacting with numerous websites and apps I also like to have the television on while doing so. Once I am tired of the television I notice I automatically go to Pandora to listen to music. This is just one hour of my online activity. I can only imagine how many times I actually go to the same websites over and over again.



[Hour Two]

3:00 pm- Logged on to e-learning to look up assignments

3:05 pm- Took a picture for my assignment

3:13 pm- Logged on to Pinterest, uploaded picture and wrote a description for my assignment

3:27 pm- Logged on to Facebook

3:30 pm- Sent couple of text messages

3:32 pm- Looked up ideas for one of my semester projects

3:41 pm- Wrote a proposal ready to send later in the week

4:11 pm- Watched TV


When actually having a goal and paying attention to my actions I usually get what I need done out of the way first. Once finished with one goal or assignment I tend to take a small break before my next assignment or goal. As long as I don’t take very long breaks I can finish what I intended to accomplish.




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