Blog Roll

Television Obscurities ( Television Obscurities consists of the history of television. The blogger Robert, is employed as a moving image archivist at a television station. The content provided is cited, contains quotes and the links provided direct the reader to known websites such as, BBC.

TV Classic “R’ Us ( The blogger for TV Classic “R” Us is a fan of classic television shows from the 1940’s to 1990’s. His blog contains information about which television shows air on various networks. When linking to various social media networks, it is a great start to focus what your audience will respond to.

TVUnwind ( This is a recent blog that just launched. The blogger, Amanda, is a entertainment addict and writes about reviews and recaps of recent television shows. She is a new writer for and can be followed on her twitter account about similar topics within her blog.

Classic TV Blog ( Tom is the blogger for Classic TV Blog. His blog focuses on  TV shows from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. He has a background of working with television and radio stations, as well as, working with TV Guide. He focuses on TV stars, where to view classic television shows and the passing away of great actors. He mentions a lot of actors name and which television shows they were featured in.

The Me TV Monitor ( Me TV television network has a blog consisting of the aired classic television shows they present. It focuses on different characters, people and bringing memorable entertainment to its viewers. As a well known television network, following this blog will help keep track of the many television classics.


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