Wikipedia Community

For the past few days I took part in the Wikipedia community. Having the opportunity to edit Social Aspects Of Television is almost honorable. For a short moment I felt needed and depended on, almost suggesting a hero within the editing world.

Deciding to edit, Social Aspects of Television, helped understand the advantages and disadvantages television had and how its shaped our world. Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia, is very organized with information provided. Realizing How many times the article is updated shows how serious the Wikipedia community is when providing honest content.

Without realizing how easy it was to become involved within the Wikipedia community I’ve been told Wikipedia was an untrustworthy source. A source edited by numerous users was presented unreliable. Even so, I’ve learned Wikipedia has improved greatly and tries to uphold a good reputation. In my opinion, Wikipedia played it smart to involve a larger community to help edit various articles like, Social Aspects of Television. It’s a good way to update articles with needed tweaking. Furthermore, there are a set of rules to follow. The rules are a little overwhelming and can consist too much information to remember at first. Nevertheless, with a set of rules to follow it helps sustain individuals from butchering an article and providing false content.

Taking part and getting a glimpse of how Wikipedia worked was a knowledgeable experience. I took the experience seriously and provided editing I felt was required. Adding internal links was my main focus and was surprised how many I was able to add or fix. It’s interesting how a large community can be involved and take part in editing material some previous editors may have missed. Experiencing with code before I didn’t find learning Wikipedia’s own code language difficult to grasp. For the most part the code was repetitive and could easily be remembered.

Wikipedia is a good way to start when researching particular topics. It helps give you an overview or summary for each topic. Wikipedia keeps improving and its becoming a more reliable source rather than a source that should never be used.